Product Review: Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3 Piece Kit

Too Faced Shadow Brush Set9

Brushes seem to be the most neglected makeup essential, even among makeup addicts. Every season cosmetics companies release fun new colors and exciting new products, but brushes aren’t really seasonal and don’t have nearly as much variety as eyeshadows do. For most, they’re a means to an end. But, what many makeup lovers don’t realize is that brushes really are so much more than that! They can completely change how a product functions and looks after application.

The ProductToo Faced Shadow Brush Set8

The Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3 Piece Kit comes with three eyeshadow brushes: a crease/blender brush, a lid/smoker brush, and a liner/smudger brush. Like other Too Faced brushes, these three shadow brushes are made with Teddy Bear Hair, the signature soft, luxurious Too Faced vegan, cruelty free, synthetic bristles. All three brushes have blush pink, wooden, contoured handles with Too Faced and the name of the brush written along the sides, black metal ferrules, and beige and brown synthetic bristles.

This kit comes with an instructional card, which is printed on thick translucent paper and rolls up to fit just inside the feminine pink and gold metal tube that houses the three brushes. The packaging doubles as a safe place to store your brushes and a travel-friendly case.

The ReviewToo Faced Shadow Brush Set7

I almost exclusively buy synthetic, vegan, cruelty-free brushes, which instantly made this set appealing. The Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair is probably the softest, silkiest, most wonderfully plush synthetic bristle fiber I’ve ever felt. Even with a heavy hand, these brushes don’t at all feel rough on the delicate skin around your eye area.Too Faced Shadow Brush Set6The crease/blender brush really makes blending a soft contour color into your crease effortless because of how tapered the brush is. If you only dip the very tip of the brush into your shadow, then use a smooth, light, back and forth stroke through your crease, the brush will automagically apply the most concentrated color right in your crease where the tip of the brush is and blend out the color using the tapered bristles at the sides of the brush. The ferrule is perfectly round, not pinched or flattened in any way, providing even blending at all angles. I really love this brush. It’s perfect for creating a natural looking contour through your crease, which is how I wear my eyeshadow almost every day.Too Faced Shadow Brush Set5

While it isn’t the most unique brush ever, the lid/smoker shadow brush is very useful and versatile. It’s medium size allows you to easily cover your entire lid with a shadow color, lightly sweep a highlight shade under your brow, or blend between two colors after your initial application. It isn’t too big to be easily maneuvered, but isn’t so small that you can’t blend or color application is patchy. I actually even like this brush as a crease brush. I just flip it sideways so I’m sweeping the thin edge back and forth through my crease. If I’m in a hurry and only using one shadow color over my lid and up through my crease, this brush will do the trick.Too Faced Shadow Brush Set3

Last, and smallest, but certainly not least is the liner/smudger brush. I was really excited when I saw a brush this tiny in this set. It’s usually more difficult to find brushes this tiny and I just don’t have particularly big eyes. Almost daily, I need a brush this small for applying a highlight around the inner corner of my eye, or lightly smudging a liner or definer shadow around my outer corner. This little brush does it perfectly. It’s also great for highlighting just barely under the brow. While I generally sweep a sheer, matte, light highlight shade over a wide area beneath my brow, sometimes I want to use a satin or shimmer highlight in a very thin line directly beneath my brow to enhance the arch – this little brush is perfect for that. It can even be used to smudge creme or pencil liner products right into the lash line for a subtle or smoky effect.Too Faced Shadow Brush Set4

Although I usually store these three brushes in my brush roll since I use them almost every day, the tube in which they’re packaged is very useful for storing these or any brushes while traveling or for safe keeping at home. It’s way too pretty not to use, even if only decoratively around your vanity.

The SkinnyToo Faced Shadow Brush Set10

Too Faced makes some of the softest, most plush, vegan, cruelty-free brushes you’ll find in any cosmetics line. All three brushes in this set are very useful and together can be used to create almost any eye look. The metal tube packaging is also a perfect way to keep your brushes clean and protected at home or on the go. This set is a must-have for me.
$39 Sephora, Ulta,

Have you tried any of the Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair brushes? Will you purchase this set of eyeshadow brushes? Let me know in the comments below!Too Faced Shadow Brush Set1

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