Product Review: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

BenefitGirlMeetsPearl11It’s tough being pale, but it’s especially tough trying to find a good highlight product that doesn’t look like a bronzer when compared to pale, translucent skin. I think Benefit has done it though. The best part is that Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl liquid highlighter even works for more melanin gifted girls too.

The ProductBenefitGirlMeetsPearl10Pictured above is a small sample size of Girl Meets Pearl. I hadn’t quite decided how I felt about the product when I purchased it. Ulta conveniently had a travel size version of the product, so I went with that; however, it is available in full size as well.

Girl Meets Pearl has a texture that is somewhere between liquid, cream, and gel. It doesn’t feel thick or oily, which makes it seem more like a liquid product, but its consistency is also very similar to Pixi’s gel Cheek Stains. Of course, because of the golden shimmer it doesn’t feel as smooth as most liquid and gel products, but it certainly isn’t gritty.

The color reminds me a lot of the Satin Sheets eyeshadow by Too Faced. The base color is a soft, blush pink, but it has a duo chrome type of quality that makes it appear shimmery golden in the light. It’s highly reflective but doesn’t come off like chunky glitter or like gaudy metallic. It’s somewhere between a shimmer and metallic finish when the sun hits it.

The ReivewBenefitGirlMeetsPearl9Because I’m so picky about highlighters and have such a difficult time making them work well for me, I really wanted to put this product through its paces, trying it out with different combinations of foundation products beneath it, setting products on top, under different conditions and wear times, and with different color products for eyes, lips, and cheeks. After using it several times, I’m happy to report it stood up very well. Even after a 14 hour day, I could still see the pink tone in the shade and the bright golden tone in sunlight. While it did fade a little bit, the product was still well intact.

The easy to blend liquid gel texture makes application simple and fuss-free. I generally prefer to squeeze a small amount of product onto my ring finger then pat it over my cheek bones and down the bridge of my nose, but if you use a small brush to blend it or simply smooth it on with your finger, it will still apply nicely.

The SkinnyBenefitGirlMeetsPearl8Girl Meet Pearl has a beautiful, versatile pink and golden sheen that flatters a multitude of skin tones, decent longevity, and a lovely finish. It’s a little pricey at $30 for the full size, but I think it’s worth it.

Have you tried Girl Meets Pearl? What’s your favorite highlight product? Let me know in the comments below!

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